123 1 2 3



One Two Three

One Hundred and Twenty-Three

Did you know?

123 is the first three positive digits?

One Hundred and Twenty-Three divisors are 1, 3, 41 and 123?

123 in Roman Numeral is CXXIII?

in Binary is 1111011?

in Hexadecimal is 7B16?

in Duodecimal is A312?

and in Octal is 1738?

In telephony 123 is…

Emergency telephone number in Colombia

Emergency (Medical) telephone number in Egypt

The “Correct Time” advisor telephone number in the United Kingdom

Emergency (Electricity) telephone number in Indonesia

In music is…

A Len Barry song

A Gloria Estefan song

A The Chimes song

A song by Bela B. and Charlotte Roche

A Nikki Cleary song

An album by The Howling Hex

A 1960s rock band

in other calendars…

Buddhist calendar: 667

Byzantine calendar: 5631 – 5632

Hebrew calendar: 3883 – 3884

Islamic calendar: 514 BH – 513 BH

Korean calendar: 2456

Thai solar calendar: 666

Berber calendar: 1073

Ethiopian calendar: 115 – 116

Burmese calendar: -515

In year 123

In China, scientist Zhang Heng corrects the calendar to bring it into line with the four seasons.

Ban Yong reestablishes the Chinese command over the Tarim Basin.

In Roman Empire, Emperor Hadrian averts a war with Parthia by a reunion with Osroes I.

In year 123 Mug Nuadat defeats the King of Ireland, Conn of the Hundred Battles.

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